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We Do What We Do For Neighbors Like You

At Fifield Brown & Palmquist, LLC, the betterment of our community is high on the list of our prime motivators in the practice of law. We dedicate our careers to solving legal problems, including family law and criminal defense matters, for Texans of all walks of life.

The beginnings of the development of our skills in the courtroom came through previously held positions as a county prosecutor and a Child Protection Services (CPS)-side litigator. This experience gives us a keen understanding of our clients’ legal opponents’ points of view and ways to counteract their arguments. Now, in our private practice, we represent individuals and couples facing legal challenges involving areas like grandparent custody and defense of a range of criminal charges.

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Think Of Us As Compassionate Guides

Our knowledge and experience have given us the skills to fight zealously on behalf of clients who face high-stakes legal challenges. People who choose to work with us also discover the other side of our approach to conflicts: We guide our clients toward collaborative, conciliatory solutions whenever possible.

The bottom line for each client is our ability to advocate in tune with their goals and preferences. We diligently get to know each person who does business with our law firm, so that we can faithfully represent their interests. You can trust us to put your interests first while we pursue the best outcome in your case.

We Recognize And Tap Into Resource Networks

The key to a favorable outcome in a CPS case, a custody dispute, or a misdemeanor or felony defense often has to do with knowing who and what will support our clients’ point of view. This may mean we learn about a judge’s record or find the just-right expert witness for a client’s case.

Whatever and whoever needs to be part of your winning strategy, we are ready to do what it takes to get your legal matter resolved in your best interests.

Get The Conversation Started

We hope that through this website, you can get a taste of the respect and dedication we give each client. We also encourage you to learn for yourself if we are the law firm you are looking for. Request an initial consultation at your convenience by calling (512) 764-3632 or completing our online inquiry form.