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Domestic Violence

Accused Of Domestic Violence? You Have Rights.

The state of Texas takes domestic violence seriously. Police and judges give the benefit of the doubt to the accuser when making arrests and issuing temporary protective orders. Prosecutors push for harsh punishment.

At Fifield Brown & Palmquist, LLC, we understand that allegations of domestic violence are devastating to your life on many levels. We are committed to protecting your rights in a process that seems stacked against you. We mount a defense to avoid a criminal conviction and permanent orders if possible, or to limit the impact on your family, your freedom and your future.

Our attorneys are former prosecutors who know how to defend these cases. If you are facing domestic violence charges in Central Texas, call our Cedar Park law office at 512-960-4551.

The High Stakes Of Domestic Violence Charges

Even before you are convicted of any crime, you are removed from your home and ordered to have no contact with the victim or your children. If you are charged with assault and battery, terroristic threats or other crimes, you could be facing significant jail time. If convicted of domestic violence, you also stand to lose your gun rights, voting rights and other civil liberties. The criminal record may affect where one can reside and employment opportunities, and the allegations may have an adverse impact on current or future divorce and child custody proceedings.

Our criminal defense lawyers represent you on the criminal charges and (if applicable) at the hearing for a permanent protective order. We know that sometimes accusations of domestic abuse are exaggerated or made up, for spiteful reasons or for strategic advantage in family court. Our job is to make sure your rights are honored and you are given an opportunity to tell your side of the story.

As former prosecutors, we understand how the system works and how to challenge the state’s case. We have had success in getting unfounded domestic violence charges dismissed or negotiating down to lesser offenses, and we are fully prepared to defend you at trial. We have also been successful in defeating unwarranted or overly restrictive protective orders.

Get Legal Help Immediately

Things happen fast in domestic violence cases. Our lawyers will intervene swiftly to prevent you from being railroaded or severely punished. We will counsel you about how to avoid getting into more trouble for violating a protective order. We will stand with you at every stage of the process.

Call us today at 512-960-4551 or contact us online to arrange a consultation with an experienced defense attorney. We practice in Travis County, Williamson County and surrounding jurisdictions.