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Juvenile Criminal Defense

A Voice For Youths Accused Of Crimes

If your son or daughter is in trouble with the law, their future hangs in the balance. The juvenile justice system was designed to rehabilitate rather than to punish. Unfortunately, that is not always the case.

Fifield Brown & Palmquist represents youths who are accused of criminal offenses, including serious crimes that could result in prosecution as adults. We provide a defense against the allegations and work to ensure your child gets the help they need and the second chance they deserve.

Experienced Juvenile Defense In Central Texas

Our lawyers have handled the full range of juvenile criminal offenses, including:

  • Vandalism or disorderly conduct
  • Theft or burglary
  • Drug offenses
  • Minor in possession and other alcohol offenses
  • Driving offenses, including DWI
  • Assaults and fighting

Juvenile court is different from adult court in many ways. There is no jury. The proceedings are not public. There is no finding of guilty or not guilty. The judge listens to both sides and determines what should happen. Our role is to influence that outcome by presenting another side of the story and any mitigating factors.

We Know How To Advocate For Young People

Our criminal defense lawyers bring a unique background to juvenile cases. As former prosecutors, we understand how the justice system works and how to challenge the evidence against your son or daughter. We also have extensive experience as court-appointed advocates for children in the CPS (Child Protective Services) system, so we are accustomed to working with kids who feel scared and confused and powerless in legal proceedings.

Contact Us Right Away So We Can Help

We will vigorously protect your child’s rights and explain to them (and to you as parents) what is happening at each stage and what the options or outcomes may be. Our goal is to prevent overly harsh punishment and protect your child’s well-being and their future. We make every effort to have your child released to your custody rather than being held in juvenile detention.

Call our Cedar Park law office at (512) 764-3632 to arrange a consultation, or contact us online and we will get back to you promptly.