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Family Law

When The Law Intersects With Your Family Life

Family law is a broad term that refers to a wide range of legal issues involving transitions in families and challenges to parental rights. Whether you face a divorce, a child custody dispute or a need for defense from actions by the Child Protective Services (CPS), you need a trusted advisor and ally to navigate the court system in your favor.

In family law, as in other areas of the law, Fifield Brown & Palmquist, LLC, has helped many individuals, couples and families find the best path forward through compassionate, skillful guidance. We take a collaborative, one-on-one approach, understanding that our clients usually know what is best for their families.

From among a range of family law issues that we handle, we most often find ourselves focusing on one of these areas:

We are committed to fulfilling our roles as dedicated guides who apply knowledge and skills to help families get where they need to be.

Protect Your Rights When Dealing With CPS

All of our lawyers were previously CPS-side litigators. Now, our firm represents parents and other caring adults on behalf of children who have come to the attention of CPS. We help parents prevent the removal of their children by CPS. We also often help grandparents secure custody when CPS intervention threatens a family’s integrity.

Whatever the situation, we consider the children at the heart of the stories to be the real beneficiaries of our advocacy.

Collaborative Resolution Of Custody Disputes And Divorces

Our attorneys are prepared to educate you and guide you through the challenge of crafting child custody orders to be approved by a court. When parents cannot agree, a judge may determine the answer.

A divorce may or may not include a child custody order. And child custody cases are not always in the context of a marriage or divorce. We approach each case with respect for the unique factors involved.

Our family law attorneys help parents and parent substitutes (such as stepparents, foster parents, would-be adoptive parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and other caring adults) to pursue and obtain the court orders they need to protect a child’s stability.

We also address petitions for modification and enforcement of child custody court orders.

Let Us Hear From You

We are here to guide you through the complexities of the legal system. To schedule a consultation, call (512) 764-3632 or inquire online.