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CPS Litigation

Advocating For Parents In CPS Removal Cases

The state of Texas has authority to intervene to protect children from abuse, neglect or endangerment. It can be terrifying and heartbreaking to have your kids taken away, even temporarily. Removal is traumatic for children, even when it’s for their own safety. And there is no guarantee they will be returned to you once CPS takes that drastic step.

Fifield Brown & Palmquist represents parents in Child Protective Services litigation, from investigations to removal proceedings. We will help you fight to keep your children with you or to stay involved in their life. Our attorneys can also defend you against any parallel criminal charges of child abuse or child endangerment. Based in Cedar Park, we handle CPS cases throughout Central Texas.

We Have Long Experience With The CPS System

Seek legal counsel right away if you have been contacted by CPS or if you believe you are under investigation for abuse or neglect. Our lawyers have an extensive background as court-appointed advocates for children in Child Protective Services proceedings. We use that experience from hundreds of CPS cases to advocate for you.

  • We explain how the system works and what will happen next.
  • We prepare you for the investigation and the best way to answer questions.
  • We fight for you if CPS initiates removal.
  • We help you comply with any CPS requirements to avoid removal or to get your kids back.

CPS litigation is stressful and intimidating. Our attorneys provide compassionate legal support to protect your parental rights and the best interests of the children.

We Represent Grandparents Too
We have also advocated for grandparents and other extended family members in CPS cases. Whether you are seeking custody to protect a grandchild who is in an unsafe environment, or seeking temporary custody to prevent the child from being placed in foster care, we can help.

Is CPS Threatening To Take Your Kids?

It is important to have experienced legal representation in a CPS hearing. You deserve a chance to tell your side of the story and to have a voice in what happens with your children. Our background as child advocates in CPS gives us credibility with the local judges, caseworkers and prosecutors. We focus on de-escalation, communication and negotiation to help families find solutions while also protecting at-risk children.

Call Fifield Brown & Palmquist at (512) 764-3632, or contact us online. We serve Travis County, Williamson County and surrounding jurisdictions.